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Safety Products for your House and Home

Universally known as the world’s largest manufacturer of flares and other emergency signaling and safety products, Orion is also the maker of quality, high-performance products for use in the home.

Our products protect your home from chimney fires and provide a ready source of first aid in portable, go-anywhere kits.

What’s your need?

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Protect your home from a dangerous chimney fire!

Remarkable, powerful Chimfex® from Orion controls chimney fires quickly and safely, with no water damage. Independent lab test results show:

  • Chimfex® suppresses chimney fires in an average time of just 22 seconds
  • The chimney’s temperature drops by 53% within two minutes
  • Oxygen levels drop an average of 43% within two minutes

Tested by OMNI Environmental Services, Inc., Portland, OR

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