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Chimney Fire Extinguisher


Item Number: 3412

The original CHIMFEX, chimney fire extinguisher is the first line of defense for controlling chimney fires. For information on how to purchase this item contact us at 1-800-637-7807.

Did you know...?

  • Thousands of chimney fires in the U.S. every year cause millions of dollars in property damage … and loss of life.
  • NFPA estimates the creosote buildup causes 25% of all home heating fires.
  • Chimney fires can reach a temperature of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit … and the sparks emitted can ignite the roof and set the house on fire.

Chimfex® is THE safe, effective chimney solution!

  • Use in wood stove or fireplace
  • Chimney fire control
  • Eliminate chimney smoke
  • Control fireplace fires
  • Chimney safety and fireplace safety
  • Chimney maintenance and chimney cleaning
  • Easy, toss-in convenience.
  • Works safely with no water damage

Protect your home from a dangerous chimney fire!

Remarkable, powerful Chimfex® from Orion controls chimney fires quickly and safely, with no water damage. Independent lab test results show:

  • Chimfex® suppresses chimney fires in an average time of just 22 seconds
  • The chimney’s temperature drops by 53% within two minutes
  • Oxygen levels drop an average of 43% within two minutes

Tested by OMNI Environmental Services, Inc., Portland, OR

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