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Emergency Flares

Whether you’re on the road, on the water or in the great outdoors, protect yourself and your family with emergency flares from Orion Safety Products. As the world’s leading manufacturer, our flare products are specially designed to work in all weather conditions … and they will not extinguish due to wind, rain or snow.

All of our emergency flares are manufactured in the United States according to the highest engineering and strictest safety standards.

In fact, the superior quality products used by professional emergency respondents across the country are the very same ones we offer to consumers. So you’re assured that Orion flares will protect you best when you really need it … even save your life!

We also offer a wide selection of backfire and fire-starter products used by wildfire and forestry professionals … as well as campfire starters for outdoor enthusiasts.

To view the full selection of emergency flares and other hand-held flare products from Orion, click on your application below:

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