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Flare Safety Tips

  • Always keep flares in your vehicle for emergencies
  • When in doubt, use flares to improve safety
  • More flares in a pattern increases the safety zone

Why Using Emergency Signals Improves Safety

Every year, police and civilians are hurt at accident sites and roadside stops. Emergency signals significantly improve safety by accomplishing the following:

  • Alerts oncoming motorists to the presence of an accident or stopped vehicles
  • Slows approaching traffic
  • Moves traffic as far away from the scene as possible

Flares Have Been Proven To Be The Most Effective Signal

Flares provide important safety benefits not provided by any other safety signals. Flares are:

  • A universally recognized safety signal that causes measurable and immediate action among motorists
  • The brightest safety signal both day and night, and 4x brighter than electronic signals
  • Reliable, easy, and durable, making them quick to deploy and ready when you need them
  • Proven effective in independent research to dramatically improve your Safety Zone versus flashing lights alone
  • The safety signal used most by law enforcement for over 100 years


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