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Home - Orion safety and signaling products, the world’s leading maker of roadside and marine flares.

Products - Orion flares, smoke signals, sound signals, lightsticks, first aid kits, emergency safety kits.

  • Hand-Held Flares - Emergency flares, roadside flares and signal flares from Orion Safety Products.
  • Aerial Flares - Aerial flares, skyblazer flares and other Orion aerial signaling products.
  • Smoke Flares - Smoke flares, smoke signals and other Orion signaling products.
  • Sound Signals - Air horns, safety whistles and other Orion sound signals.
  • Non-Pyro Safety Accessories - Dye markers, signal flags, survival blankets, signaling mirrors and other Orion safety accessories
  • Chemiluminescent Lights - Emergency lightsticks and other Orion chemiluminescent emergency lighting products.
  • First Aid Kits - First aid kits and first aid supplies from Orion Safety Products.
  • Emergency Safety Kits - Emergency kits and emergency preparedness kits from Orion Safety Products.
  • Chimney Fire Suppression Products - Chimfex® products for chimney fire suppression, controlling chimney fires and chimney smoke.

Choose Your Application - Orion flares and signaling products for highway, marine, wildfire, forestry, outdoors and wilderness safety.

  • Highway Applications - Emergency flares, road flares and other Orion highway safety and road safety products.
  • Marine Applications - Marine signal flares and other marine safety products from Orion.
  • Wildfire & Forestry Applications - Emergency flares, signaling and safety products from Orion for wildfire and forestry professionals.
  • Outdoors & Wilderness - Emergency flares and safety products from Orion for search-and-rescue operations, the wilderness and outdoors.
  • House & Home- Chimfex® chimney fire suppressants and other safety products for your home from Orion Safety Products.

About Us - All about Orion Safety Products.

  • History - Orion Safety Products: First in signaling, first in safety for 100+ years.
  • Facilities - Manufacturing facilities of Orion Safety Products.
  • Quality Statement - Orion Safety Products quality standards.

Contact Orion Safety Products

Resource Center - Resource Center for Orion Safety Products, covering information and educational resources.

  • FAQs - Frequently asked questions on emergency flare usage, highway safety and marine safety.
  • Instructional Videos - Instructional and "how-to" videos from Orion Safety Products.
  • Product Safety Research - Product safety research and findings from Orion Safety Products.
  • Glossary of Terms - Glossary of terms and definitions on flares and other signaling devices.
  • MSDS Sheets - Material Safety Data Sheets for Orion products.
  • Other Resources - Industry and information links pertaining to safety and signaling devices.

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